The Black Forest is a truly beautiful wooded area, with numerous attractive villages.

The Black Forest is one of the best route to drive in the Black Forest, this route (B500) runs from Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt and is popular with both motorists and motorcyclists. The beautiful scenery and the many trips to this road, such as hiking trails, lakes, castles, waterfalls and in the winter cross-country ski equipment, makes this route so unique. There are also numerous places where you have views on a clear day can see far into France.

Lotharpfad It shows you what the devastating effects of hurricane Lothar in 1999 swept over the Black Forest. Follow the trail made ​​from trees that died during the storm go over bridges and steps lead you through them and over the fallen trees. This walk of about an hour's is worth the effort

Mount Hornisgrinde
Near the Mummelsee, located at the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse lies Hornisgrinde. It is a former military area (until 1996) and now a Erlebnispfad. Through a former military watchtower adventure path runs a steep climb on wooden ramps and slopes through beautiful scenery. Along the way you, through information signs, learn about nature. The short walks to and on top of the Hornisgrinde are highly recommended.

• Distance-Baiersbronn Hornisgrinde (Mummelsee): + / - 20 km

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